The Glow Up has Returned....Virtually!

It's not about changing who you's about changing our approach to goal setting with a loving balance of kicking ass, taking names, and smashing goals sprinkled with a dash of humble, a side of ritual and a lot of self love.

Our Masterminds are back and Virtual!!

This Months Topic: Goal Setting with Intention & Grace

It's time for the Glow Up to return! Join us for a goal setting workshop that is not about changing who you are, it's about changing how we approach all the beautiful bounty we have and want for our lives. We are discovering joy, purpose and clarity through goals that work for us, not against us! 

This Mastermind is going to be all about connecting the goddess inside you, and answering her desires and needs! You can love yourself and still want to work on your health, fitness, career, etc. We are allowed to change and we are allowed to love ourselves exactly the way we are. Now let's figure out together how to shut down the negativity and create goals with vision and love.