Hi, I am Krystyn!

I am an internationally published photographer and now aspiring filmmaker from the United States. My love for travel and photography has taken me over 4 continents, 9 countries, and 33 gorgeous states. Travel became a part of my life at a young age, and I knew that I wanted to see the whole world with my whole heart, breathe it in, and stay present in every possible moment.

Fast forward my life a little, and I found him, the love of my life, my best friend, that can't breathe without you kind of love, the kind of love that allows you to grow into you're very best self, and keeps you the youest, you, you can be. (Dr. Suess would be proud)

We have a humble little abode in the trees just north of Pittsburgh where we reside with an amazingly loving and kind daughter, and our two lovable pups!

I started this business 12 years ago, and it has transformed into so much more than a career, it has shown me love, growth, transformation, strength and healing in ways I never thought possible. We invite you to join our family on this incredible ride of life. We love meeting new people so even if you aren't in the market for a photographer, send us a message, tell us about your bucket list, or your dogs or whatever makes you tick. You never know when you might make a lifelong friend!



“My name is Lynsey Arch and I own Physique Rx'd, a Pilates training studio in the Northside!
I knew I wanted to use Krystyn as my photographer for my head shots and studio shots! SHE IS absolutely the BEST! So talented and she made me feel so beautiful! Krystyn and her team go above and beyond. The make up,the studio, and the atmosphere they have created is top notch! And So FUN!

I was thrilled with the shots and would highly recommend Team Flash! You won't be disappointed! You'll love them!!!”