Your Spiritual Selfy, A Girls Guide To Kicking Butt At Work & At Home

It's time for the Glow Up! Join us for a night where we will reignite the goddess inside all of us so that we can show up and be our best selves in business and in our personal lives...

This Mastermind is going to be all about connecting with the goddess inside to glow up, level up, vibrate higher, and feel the energy that each woman has to become ANYTHING SHE WANTS!

This will be open to everyone to attend! Each month I will be hosting a group of women who want to get together, talk about life, personal, business, relationships, body image, all of it. We will have a different focus topic each month, and reservations will be available online! It's totally free, and it's 90 minutes of camaraderie, support, feedback and authenticity. I am so so excited for this! Our Masterminds will be in the studio, but I am open to checking out your favorite women-owned businesses, so please comment or message me if you have any ideas!