First, THANK YOU for being here in this space and reading this!

I am so thankful that I get to life a life that I love, with a family and a career that I adore. I get to work with people who I love and who love me...and you can too!

Step 1: Stop bitching about your life

Yup, I am going hard here, but this is an important one! The number one way to start manifesting a better life is to stop bitching about the one you have, and focusing that energy to gratitude into the life you DO have. Life is not meant to be perfect, or even easy. It is meant to teach us lessons, and one of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes reminds me "Life is working FOR us, not against us."

Step 2: Action Expresses Priority

Ok, so I understand that if you want to travel full-time and you have no savings that action doesn't seem like step two, but I assure you, the next step is certainly action. Put action into your intention. Can you do one small thing today that gets you closer to your goal? It can be as simple as a new mantra, opening up your resume, or going for a walk in nature and getting more steps into your day.

Step 3: Create a To-Be List

"The only thing more important than your to-do list is your to-be list. And the only thing more important than your to-be list, is to be." -Alan Cohen

We are so focused on the To-Do's...what if we shift the focus to a To-Be list. To Be: Kind, Generous, Compassionate, Successful, Happy, the list can be limitless, and what's important is that you understand that today you can be anything or anyone you want, YOU get to choose. I hope you choose joy with me!

Love, Krystyn